New Ayrstone Product: the AyrMesh Hub2n

Today is the second most exciting day of Ayrstone’s existence – second only to the day we started. The introduction of the Hub2n marks a new era in wireless farm networking – even though the white plastic case is exactly the same as the old Hub, and the electronics inside are fairly similar, the software running on those electronics make it truly revolutionary.

The most important and exciting thing about the new Hub2n is that it introduces the concept of the “transparent mesh.” This means that you can build out your AyrMesh network across your farm or other rural business or homestead, but all the devices attached to the Hubs and Receivers in your network get their IP addresses from the router your AyrMesh Gateway Hub2n is attached to. This means that building and managing your AyrMesh Network is no more difficult than building a home network with your home router. In particular:

  1. Devices attached to your AyrMesh network will be in the same IP subnet as your router. If your router, for instance, is configured to create a private network with addresses of the form 192.168.1.x, then everything on your AyrMesh network will have IP addresses in that same form.
  2. All devices on your network will appear in the DHCP table or client table of your router.
  3. You can port forward from your router to any device in your network, whether it’s plugged directly into your router or miles away connected via WiFi to an AyrMesh Hub.

This means that, using the new Hub2n, you can easily build a farm-wide network that can be used for:

  • Internet access – even in places with no cellular signal
  • A reliable, high-bandwidth local-area network for remote sensors like cameras, thermometers, and weather stations, and
  • A high-speed, internet-accessible network to control devices like web-controlled relays and thermostats.

With the new Hub2n available, the revolution in Wireless Farm Networking can really pick up steam! Now there’s no reason not to have a farm-wide network to gather information and start automating operations on your farm.

3 thoughts on “New Ayrstone Product: the AyrMesh Hub2n

  1. mwearl – North Carolina – Love craft beer

    Can’t wait to pick one up. Does they still include the isolation mode and throttling feature?

    1. Bill Moffitt – President of Ayrstone Productivity
      billmoffitt Post author

      To set up a Remote Hub, you just initialize the Hub by connecting it to your router for a few minutes (so it can download configuration info) and see it up in line-of-sight to another Hub. They join the network automatically.


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