About Ayrstone

Ayrstone Productivity, LLC, was founded in 2007 by Bill Moffitt and Robert Hill.

Our first product was an educational DVD about the use of GPS technology in farming (Bill had just exited from AutoFarm and Robert was actively researching the precision agriculture market). It was a pretty good DVD, but did not sell.

But it got us to really thinking about the problems in modern farming, and they all led back to one thing: information. Gathering, storing, processing, and using all kinds of information was a huge bottleneck for the best producers, who admitted that a lot of their decisionmaking was “by guess and by golly.”

What we realized was that there was an outstanding need to be able to collect and use data better. My own experience in the corporate world informed the realization that all businesses today need an “enterprise network” to make use of the data that’s being generated constantly throughout the business.

So our first networking product was the AyrMesh Hub – a wireless mesh networking node that can be deployed easily and at very low cost to create a wireless network across the farm.

We’re continuing to work on new products, new applications, and new uses for Ayrstone products.

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